Training and work experience






Television and Film Course: Crawford Productions.1974

Ballet:  Bodenwiesser Dance Centre.

Tai Chi: private lessons with Tennyson Yui : one year. 1980

American acting workshops Bibi and Ray. Professional

actors only. 1986

Classical Piano Sixth Grade Level.

Bachelor of Arts, Southern Cross University, majored in

Writing, Communications and Music. 2010

Twelve month contract Melbourne Theatre Company 1978.

Australian Tour, Juvenile lead J.C Williamson.1975

Singing lessons, Professor Phillipsbourne and Kerry Biddell.


Opened Studio 33 Redfern: Acting Workshops, Rehearsal

Studios, recording facilities, Psychclorama, 3 Phase lighting


Teach Singing. All levels

Teach Guitar. Beginners only.

Teach Piano. Beginners only.

Teach Theory of Music. All levels.


Playboy of The Western World MTC Ray Lawler. 1978

Electra MTC Frank Hauser 1978

Once A catholic Ray Lawler 1978

Wasting Away Toe Truck Theatre Company

Two and two make sex JC Williamson Patrick Cargill

Australian Tour. 1975

Spats back In Business. Speakeasy Theatre restaurant.


A Pantomime. Actors theatre Company.

George and Mildred Australian Tour Elizabethan Theatre

Company 1980

 The Blind Giant is dancing. ACT Theatre Company. Peter

Barclay. Rose Draper. 1985

Bl;oody Poetry. Precious Theatre Company. The Stables. Mary


Troppo Flamingo. Musical Theatre restaurant. Blue


Meanwhile back on Planet earth. Musical. Bondi Pavillion.

The Rat Pack Show. Liza Minelli. 1995.


Winter of Our dreams. John Duigan. Angela. 1981

 Going Down. Haydn Keenan. 1982

Heatwave. Phillip Noyce.

Pandemonium. Haydn Keenan 1988. Morticia.

Double Skulls. Ian Gilmour.

Harbour Beat. David Elfick.1990

A Cry For Help. South Australian Film Corporation.

Brian McDuffie.  Lead.

Hello Goodbye, Australian Film and television


Swoon. Australian film and television School.

A Walk In The Rain. Australian Film and television


 Erskineville Kings. Barmaid. 1998.

The Applicant. Richard Wherrett.

Conferenceville. Julian pringle. A.B.C.

Molly The Singing Dog. Ned Lander. Casting

Director. 1983.

Demolition. Kevin James Dobson. 1977

Gentleman’s Halt. Marr Grounds. 1980

The Box Movie. Paul Eddie. 1975.

Body Business. Colin Eggleston.

Alvin Purple Movie. 1974.

Airtight. Ma Luci. Fox Studios. 1996

Kangaroo Jack. Fox Studios. 1997

Unfinished Sky. 2006.



Homicide three  episodes. Crawford Productions.

Cop Shop. Two episodes. Crawford Productions.

Matlock Police. Four  episodes. Crawford Productions.

Division 4. Four episodes. Crawford productions.

Skyways Pilot.

Hotel Pilot. Crawford Productions.

The Box.  Sally Garfield. Six Month contract.

Crawford Productions.

Bluey. Female lead. Debra Morley. 26 Weeks.

Crawford productions.

 The Sullivans. Timna. Six month contract. Crawford


Alvin purple series. A.B.C.

Bellbird. A.B.C.

The Truckies. A.B.C.

Twenty Good Years. Ruth Cohen. Duration of series.


Winner Take All.  Jaquie. A.B.C. Duration of series.

 The Young Doctors. Reg grundy Productions.

The Restless Years.

Daily At Dawn. R.S productions. Russian Bikini Girl.

Vietnam. Kennedy Miller.

Hello Goodbye. Athol Fugard.

Blue Heelers. Five episodes. Southern Star.

Chances. TV Pilot. Mark De Friest.1986

Chances. Sharon Taylor. Two year contract. Beyond

International. Channel Nine.1990-1992

What’s cooking. One Episode. Channel Nine. 1992

Supermarket quiz show.  Channel nine. 1992

 Winner series. John Duigan. A.B.C.

Water Rats. Two Episodes. Southern Star. 1999

Special Squad. Danny Burstall. Crawford


 Twisted. Brian Brown.

McCleods daughters. TV Pilot. 1995.

White Collar Blue. Connie Cirac. 2003.

Blue Heelers.   Southern star. 2002

Packed To The Rafters, Grace Barton. Series two and

three. 2009/2010. Series four 2011.

Music Film Clips.

Paul Kelly kali productions.

Dynamic Hepnotics. Haydn Keenan

Invisible Mendez. Bruce Spence.

Dear Enemy. Tony Stephens.

Motor Biking. John Witterand.



Geisha Girls. Pop duo. Manly Pacific Hotel residency.

Neon Blue. Duo.

Ancient heart. 4 Piece jazz band. 1991-1993

Damien Lovelock’s Wig World. Solo and bV’s 1988-


Night and Day. Jazz 4 piece-7 piece. 1994-1999.

The Rat Pack. Liza Minelli. 1997-1998.

Sea Monsters bV’S E.M.I records.

Ha Ha Ha BV’S

Fast Foreheads. BV’s

Yantra de Vilder Harmonies for composition.

Vocals for A.B.C. Documentary.

Backing Vocals for E.M.I Studios. 1987-89

Backing Vocals Frank Bennet. 1997-1998.

World Tour Celibate Rifles. Tour Manager, solo spots,

merchandiser. 1989-90.

Monks Wife. 1996-1999

Monks Wife. 2007-2008

Grace Slick and Janis Joplin in Woodstock Tribute.


Fleetwood Mac tribute Show 2009

Cabaret Caliente 2011



CC Corn Chips. New Zealand.

Watties Italian Food. Australia.

Homepath. Australia.

Laundry Powder. Spanish/ Australia.

St George bank. National release.



One Page column Playboy. Titled Women. 1988-90

Fame magazine.1986-87.

Simply Living.










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